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Miami, the best place to learn Spanish

Spanish, the necessary tool for your professional and personal growth.

Congratulation on your decision to study or improve your Spanish!

We live in a global world where opportunities to network are immense.

Spanish is a necessary tool for achieving. It is the second most spoken language in the world (Mandarin is the first). Spanish provides multiple opportunities to advance your career, increase business opportunities, improve customer relationships, make new friends, enjoy your travels, etc.

Learning Spanish is an extraordinary decision and an important step in your life.

28 years of experience behind our exclusive teaching method known as “FACIL”.

You'll speak and understand, in a short time, also writing properly and mastering the grammar and structure of language.

Our Spanish classes offer the best technique and method to break the barrier of communication, not only in your professional environment, but also in your social life. CEVES Spanish courses are the most simple and easy way to speak Spanish!

Miami offers you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Spanish, encountering real-life situations that will allow you to enjoy the “Spanish-speaking experience” of studying abroad.

We at CEVES SPANISH SCHOOL want to offer you the most unforgettable and productive Spanish-learning experience you can get.

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